A foreword about us and the labor of love this house means.

In 2003 Pascal (aka K-Lou and now my late Angel of a husband) and I settled in Nolay; this small medieval town, a bit out of times with its authentic soul, surrounded by a sumptuous natural environment.

The first meeting with this Grand Lady of a house utterly changed the course of our life.
We fell in love and right upon securing the acquisition, we wished to bring her back to her glorious authenticity. That took years of careful, dedicated and at times difficult work. In return and in appreciation of this care for her rejuvenation, this Lady rewarded us with a new welcomed direction in our lives.

This reward was the birth of “Esprit d’un moment”. A place to “live” for sure but way more than that a new way of living turned towards welcoming, listening, exchanging and finally sharing. A philosophy that since then has improved me, Pascal and later our two children Enki and Lilou on a daily basis. It has been a constant work in progress towards internal enrichment and that is what we try, to the best and humblest of our abilities, to share back (Just to be sure our dog Floyd agrees and gives us a paw there too😊).

As a result, here is now home to what many a guest have called "A haven of peace"
This haven is where the world now meets, rests and relaxes. Artists come to perform, exhibit or even simply sleep in peace. We are very proud of it all.

And finally, this refuge somewhat out of time is also the best tribute to Pascal who poured all his heart, creativity, hard work, spotless generosity and even sometimes goofy sense of humor for years into these walls and can now warmly, peacefully inhabit them with deserved pride.

We wish you a nice stay in our haven!

Jill, Enki, Lilou and Floyd the dog

What we have on offer :

     - 3 separate guest rooms and a kitchen in a rustic and peaceful setting
     - A wellness Massage and relaxation area
     - We also host events where musicians, actors, storytellers, clowns, singers, painters can present their craft and meet their audience

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